FSW Trade Finance’s QuickPay Can Shift Your Team’s Mindset!

Emerging technologies abound!  Two camps exist as to how to receive technological disruptors.  The first business camp wonders “What is the potential impact; and how will these advancements affect my business?”  The second, more progressive firm embraces the change and asks, “How can we be more innovative and move in front or align ourselves with this technology disruption?”  Who do you think will succeed?  The era of fast-paced technological emergence is upon us.

Supply Chain Finance is here to stay.  Many companies have already adopted this innovative technology.  We are living at a time where technological changes are happening frequently.  Does your company team have the mindset to embrace the change and be an adopter?  One always hears the same adage, “Well, that is the way we have always done it.”  If there is one sentence that can be eliminated from your company discussions, it is that phrase.  Instead, shift your company mindset to continually look at new ways to operate to become more efficient and effective in the areas that support your core business goals.

Supply Chain Finance (SCF) has inundated large companies, becoming a standard operating procedure.  The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been thwarted a bit because of limited resources; such as human resources and technology expense.  Today, FSW Trade Finance’s (FTF) QuickPay program has provided a solution for SMEs. FTF’s QuickPay can offer innovative technology that will not only make a  Buyer’s accounts payable department more efficient, but it will also allow the Buyer’s suppliers the option to request early pay if they need the cash flow earlier than the invoice terms dictate. Buyers increase accounts payable operational efficiency, increase supplier satisfaction and reduce the cost of capital.

QuickPay is a great solution to adopt supply chain finance unlocking the cash flow that is in the supply chain.  Contact Robyn Barrett today to see how easy it is to implement a QuickPay program with your company.

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